Month: April 2017

Print a Perfect Rich Black – Every Time

Looking back many years to when I first started in graphic design, I recall how  black turned out to be the most perplexing of all the colors. Frankly, this came as a surprise because it seemed to me that it should be the most simple. Just hit the Black button and you have black right? Well it turned out I was quite wrong, and this cost me some money and caused me some embarrassment. I had designed a beautiful luxury mailer for a client which was mostly black + images. The proofs from the printer looked great (done digitally),...

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Color – A Key Influencer in a Consumers Perception of a Product

Packaging color is one of the most influential factors affecting how consumers perceive a product thus, affecting buying behavior. Color has been known to form a mood and influence sensory feelings amongst consumers. Every color — primary and secondary — has its own emotional connection, providing the easiest way to attract consumers. As explained by Jenn David Connolly, “Color influences consumers not only on the conscious level, but also on the subconscious level”. WebpageFX marketing specialists stated that “consumers make a subconscious judgment about a product in sixty seconds or less of viewing it, and sixty-two percent to ninety percent of...

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Logo Placement on Packaging Really Matters

Logo placement on packaging really matters. In this article, we take a look at some interesting logo positioning facts… First, let’s consider that an established company’s logo is an easily and instantly recognizable symbol that announces who the brand is globally. Emotions connect to a brand logo or icon; they remind the consumer of certain brand-related experiences. Positive experiences lead to long–term relationships between consumer and brand. When it comes to packaging, a dominant and appropriately placed logo is an important design consideration. According to Packaging Digest, research shows that consumers expect to see the logos of more dominant...

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Troubles With Bubbles? Your Laminate Film May Not be the Culprit

In this article, I would like to address a relatively common issue — called ‘silvering’ — that can occur during the lamination process. Frequently my customers will claim, especially those with older equipment, that they are getting bubbles beneath the surface of their lamination. They might explain that it is all over the surface, or perhaps they’ll describe a particular pattern. Initially, they think it’s a lamination issue; however, more often than not it is a result of what we call silvering. ’Silvering‘:  Caused by a Lack of Heat, Pressure, or Both Silvering is caused by a lack of...

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What is Digital Printing? (In 80 Words)

Digital Printing composes each image from a complicated mix of mathematical formulas and numbers. Also known as digitizing, images for digital printing are made from a matrix of dots, or pixels. These images, or dots, are then used to control the deposit of ink or toner, reproducing the data in printed formats. The management of these dots allows for correction and adjustment, to keep images looking the same as the original, through enhancement of certain areas on the printed...

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