Author: Steve Truan

The Advantages of Laminate Film vs. UV Coating

Although UV coating became popular in the last 20 years, it’s also quickly falling out of favor with printers. Why? Because the numerous advantages of lamination continue to overpower its usability. Here, we discuss a few reasons as to why using laminate film is more sensible than UV coating. UV coating doesn’t add to the textile strength of a folding carton, while laminate does add durability and strength to its structure. It can also run on slightly thinner board to get the same effect as UV coating, minimizing in other areas of the printing process. Color retention can be...

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The Continued Importance of Business Cards

Email communication may reign supreme as the leading system of correspondence between clients and their customers, but the importance of business cards still holds true. After all, the business card is a more personal way to conduct business, with various design elements available to show your brand’s creative worth. Here are a few ways in which handing out business cards can still be a smart marketing tactic: They’re a cost-effective tool. Business cards aren’t highly expensive these days, with printing companies able to offer a few hundred business cards for a surprisingly low price. The design work and overall...

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