Month: September 2017

Popular Paper Trimmers That Slice Both Paper and Costs

What if you could save yourself time and money by utilizing the features of one miracle product, like the paper trimmer? Paper trimmers are essential for a busy office environment, capable of cutting sharp, straight edges into multiple sheets of paper in one swift motion. Most models are designed with a grid-mark feature inlaid in the trimmer’s surface, allowing the user to measure their paper accurately before every slice. They can even cut any excess material that you don’t need from your project, creating smooth, clean lines that look professional after each use. There are three popular paper trimmers...

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Paper Inspiration – Thinking Tree Spirits Packaging

Hands up those who’ve bought wine or spirits purely for the packaging? Yep, thought so. Up till now I’ve been pretty good about not doing this myself, but I think I may have finally met my match. Thinking Tree Spirits’ combination of magical background label and stunningly colorful hangtag – both designed by Hired Guns Creative – make for rum, gin and vodka bottles that can only be described as, well, “spiritual.” “We worked with Thinking Tree Spirits — a start-up craft distillery located in Eugene, Oregon — to design an identity for their new company and develop a...

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Paper Inspiration – Clearstory Book

“The book has opened designers’ and clients’ eyes to new possibilities they weren’t aware they could achieve with a digital shop.” – Rebekah Smithson, Clearstory Despite producing stunning work, digital presses remain, in many people’s minds, little more than their own office laser printer on steroids. To combat this misconception, custom book publisher Clearstory came up with a volume that employs a variety of substrates, inks and printing techniques to, as the title puts it, “Explore a World of Possibilities.” Clearstory wanted to “find a way to show customers all our capabilities in one concise, compact piece,” explains Clearstory...

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