Nobelus is adding an exciting new finish to its Tactile Collection: FineGrit Laminate, a rough-touch finish that appeals to brands who want to give their packaging an air of toughness and durability. Nobelus is well known for the quality of our soft-touch laminates, specialty holographic effects, and creative finishes modeled after the look of linen and leather. Our product development team noticed something was missing from this lineup – a sense of grit to balance out the softness and subtlety of the other finishes. FineGrit Laminate is designed to offer brands a distinctive, sandy texture that provides a contrast to the soft-touch trend currently popular in the general commercial print industry.


Measuring 2 mil thick, FineGrit Laminate is made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), which makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications and laminators. Its unique finish runs efficiently on most laminating systems and is highly compatible with burst separation. This laminate has a thermally activated adhesive layer and is compatible with conventional offset, flexographic, and HP® Indigo presses. We always recommend performing a trial run with digital print engines that use toner-based inks and fuser oils to ensure the adhesive bonds properly with the selected output.

Despite the gritty feel of the laminate’s surface, there are no loose particles in the finish. The stippled effect that gives FineGrit its name is created during the manufacturing process by embossing the laminate’s surface, resulting in a rough, rugged texture that cannot be rubbed off with regular contact, whether it’s in transit or being handled by customers on a store shelf. This process also makes FineGrit highly scuff resistant and durable, so it is excellent for applications that may see frequent use after purchase, such as board games, pocket folders, and business cards.


FineGrit Laminate can be used to give products an edge over the competition in markets ranging from cannabis and electronics to wine and health and beauty supplies. Like other laminates in the Nobelus Tactile Collection, the memorable haptics of FineGrit Laminate are designed to help customers form a connection with packaging, thereby driving more sales. A package that boldly communicates the qualities of the item or service it advertises can have a tremendous effect on the success of the product.

The Nobelus product development team has dedicated a significant amount of time to testing in order to verify that this new thermal laminate can meet the demands of a variety of applications. FineGrit Laminate is receptive to a range of post-lamination processes, such as die cutting and folding; we suggest performing a trial run for other types of embellishments, including stamping, spot UV, and offset, screen, and UV printing as results may vary depending on the application. The laminate’s clear coating ensures the colors and sharpness of printed designs show through with full clarity post-lamination.


If you want to feel the rugged appeal of FineGrit Laminate for yourself, our customer representatives are ready to work with you to get the samples you need. You can also contact us for more information about how FineGrit Laminate can enhance your designs and which applications and markets it’s best suited for.