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Machine Education

Sleeking can be done on any Komfi or GMP laminator that has the Sleeking attachment.

Many times the machine cannot give enough pressure to squeeze down the limited amount of glue on a 1.2 and it creates “silvering” or tiny air pockets under the surface.  On Heated Shoe machines, the laminate cools too much if it is 1.2 mil so it doesn’t adhere well, whereas the 1.7 and thicker can retain the heat to have good adhesion to the sheet.

Less is always better in tension and rewind – suggest starting under 5psi or 0.5 bar.

For thinner stocks, less pressure is better to keep from buckling the paper and a good starting point on good rollers is generally 10-20 PSI or about 1 bar.  On thicker stocks, a good starting point is 40 psi or 2-2.5 bar.

Typically BOPP or biaxially Oriented Polypropylene product will change shape with more heat and tend to shrink from ¼” to 1” depending on how hot it is run.   This is only applicable to thinner laminates – from 1-1.5 mil.