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Sleeking Education

Nobelus brand Sleeking foils are recommended and supported by Nobelus.

Yes! Be sure and check out www.NobelusUniversity.com for articles, videos and downloadable Marketing Support Collateral.

There is a wide range of Sleeking capable laminators; please inquire with us to determine a suitable model for your needs.

Printable Sleeking foil is available in Gold and Silver.

Sleeking was made specifically for HP Indigo Inks, though many customers have gotten great results from different print devices- testing is recommended.

Sleeking can be done on any Komfi or GMP laminator that has the Sleeking attachment.

3-step Sleeking is done directly onto paper and the foil can be overprinted.

4-step Sleeking is done on-top of a printable laminate film and can not be overprinted.


The transparent Sleeking films: gloss, matte, sparkle holografik, and crystal holografik, are re-usable up to 5 times, making them extremely low-cost and flexible.

Sleeking Foils are available in gold, silver, rose gold, royal blue, copper, red, rainbow holografik metalized and green. Black and white Sleeking foils are available, but minimums and lead times apply.

Sleeking™ is a digital print finishing method that involves a special image transfer that specifically bonds to HP® Indigo® ink and other digital inks on many printed surfaces, allowing the ability to create dynamic special effects and designs.

Similar to foils, but infinitely easier and at a much lower cost, Sleeking™ technology can apply a finish, such as gloss or matte, a metalized background, such as gold or silver, or a dramatic holographic impression in spot locations or full coverage.

Click here to see a short video on the sleeking process.

Stamping and Sleeking foil are best ran between 210°-  230°F or 100°- 110°C.