Month: October 2017

Paper Inspiration – La Mer Packaging

Though we’ve been told for years to “provide your audience with an experience,” it actually happens so infrequently that it comes as a pleasant surprise when a design firm actually does just that. To help Estee Lauder celebrate the release of its La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum, MW Luxury Packaging crafted a packaging experience like no other – a symbolic deep-dive into “the sea” for which it is named. Opening this aqua-hued box reveals a type of flip book filled with watercolor-like pages, the whole piece inspired by children’s pop-up books. Turning each glorious page gives you the feeling...

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Color Shift

Ahh.. Autumn colors and the natural color shift that we all love (along with everything else that comes along with it: bonfires, apple cider, pumpkins, and hoodies)! Color shift is not typically considered a positive occurrence in the print industry- it indicates that the finished print is not rendered with the same color integrity as the original print or file. We see this occur with some laminations, especially matte products- but LuxeFilms is changing this with our Karess Matte Laminate. LuxeFilms Karess Matte is an exception to most soft touch finishes- it maintains the bright, bold colors beautifully and...

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Understanding the Characteristics of Thermal Laminating Films for Best Application

When considering the lamination process, it can be difficult to determine which film to use for effective application. Here, we’ve laid out some basic characteristics of each to better inform you of your lamination possibilities, giving you further insight into which thermal laminating film would be right for your project. There are three common laminating films most often used in the printing industry. They are: Polyester (PET): This film is the most popular in the marketplace, but it’s certainly not the cheapest. PET is used in most print shops, including schools and large production commercial printers for two-sided applications....

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3 Reasons Why Silver Halide Replacement is Here to Stay

The photo printing world is ever-changing, working to adapt to the latest technology and bring with it new advantages that can make the printing process more efficient than its predecessor. The latest push for improvement – a more suitable silver halide replacement – is making its way across the industry, leading as the top contender to accommodate our increasingly digital world. Ideas for new concept prints started in 2008-2009 between print industry giants, trying to answer the following question: how can we digitally print and make finished photo prints to where the average consumer can’t see or feel the...

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The Pros and Cons of the Color Red in Marketing

While the color theory has been a relatively common tactic used amongst marketing teams, the color red has a particular reputation for being both good and bad as a color choice. It can have different effects on individuals depending on its use, and various studies conducted have laid out some particularly interesting data collected regarding the implementation of the color red in business circles. Fast Company magazine recently took an in-depth approach into seven different studies on the subject, considering the bizarre and comprehensive science behind this important color. They’ve found that when people visually see the color red,...

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