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5 Secrets to Creating Irresistible Packaging

Although many companies like to think their products jump out at you when they are on display, that isn’t always exactly the case. Often, consumers are intrigued by the appearance of a package, pick up an item, and if it appears to be as good as it looks, will bring out their credit cards. The importance of a tangible experience isn’t just a theory, science has shown over the last two decades that our behavior is significantly influenced by all of our senses. Approximately 56% of customers visit stores to see and touch products before buying them online, according...

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Foil Cheat Sheet

We hear about “user experience” (or UX) all the time these days, usually in relation to websites and apps, but of course it plays a major role in print design, too. This is something we were reminded of recently during the creation of this, the ultimate Foil Cheat Sheet, an indispensable resource from PaperSpecs and the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA). Between its covers is everything you need to help you not only choose the perfect foiling technique for your project – be it hot, cold or digital – but also tips and insights guaranteed to make your work...

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Lonohana Estate Chocolate Packaging

If there’s anything more heavenly and luxurious than chocolate, it has to be local chocolate enjoyed in that paradise on earth, Hawaii. Deb Viola of Viola Design took that experience one step further by packaging Oahu’s limited edition Lonohana Estate Chocolate in an award-winning, exotic wrapper that looks as natural as the ingredients that go into this mouth-watering confection. The objective? To create a luxurious package that feels elegant and Hawaiian, yet still keeps production costs as low as possible. To accomplish this, Deb worked closely with Aslan Graphics and Moquin Press to produce a single, intriguing packaging system for all five varieties of...

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Latitude Baby Blanket Packaging

Digital printing is making a difference, allowing designers to push the boundaries of what they once thought possible, all while saving money through small print runs. And in the right hands, digital is helping designers make a difference in other ways, too. To raise awareness for struggling mothers overseas, Minneapolis design agency Latitude sent 600 baby blankets to clients they’ve worked with, each in a distinctive, digitally printed mailing box. An additional 300 blankets were polybagged and shipped to clinics in Honduras, Haiti, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Kenya. The project is part of Latitude’s commitment to investing 50% of its...

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3D Einstein Memo Pad

I can see it now. It’s late. You’ve been busily jotting down one note after the other while you brainstorm a particularly complex project. Suddenly you get the distinct impression that you’re being watched. Slowly your gaze slides across your desk. And there, emerging from your notepad, is the face of the most famous scientist in history. The 3D Albert Einstein notepad, designed and sold by Pulp, an Israeli maker of fine stationery products, is an amazing example of what you can do with the right tools, the right paper, and a whole lot of...

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