While consumer spending and retail shopping is not on the outs, the avenue with which people buy is certainly changing. After all, the world of online retail sales is booming, while (sadly) the brick and mortar stores are seeing significant declines.

So why is packaging important to these sales? Because there are thousands of products on the market hoping to gain customer attention. Studies have shown that 30 percent of a customer’s decision-making process for buying is based entirely on the product’s packaging, making a brand’s look and feel vital to its success.

However, since the majority of retail shopping happens to take place online these days, a product’s packaging has become even more critical than it was in stores.

This is due to the client’s overall experience disappearing. While many companies have carried out extensive research on design elements and color schemes to amplify the impact of their stores, if no one enters the store, it simply doesn’t matter.

Therefore, the product’s packaging itself has to be the big seller now. Dynamic packaging has to bring the visual imagery, evoking emotions through its look and feel to attract the customer’s attention. Opening the delivery box has become the new storefront, and the experience of opening the box all the way to holding the product in hand needs to light up a customer’s eyes, just like seeing the product visibly on a store shelf.

To garner the attention products need to generate sales, marketers should focus on the response evoked by their product packaging to see profitable return.