Though it may be difficult to detect the difference between Sleeking™ and Foil Stamping, there is a definite distinction between the two methods of applying foil to paper or to a printed piece. Let’s start with definitions:

Sleeking™: A special image transfer using pressure and heat that specifically bonds to HP® Digital Ink and some toners on many printed surfaces, allowing the ability to create special effects and designs.

Foil Stamping: The application of metallic or pigmented foil onto a solid surface by application of a heated die onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the die.

Foil Stamping requires the use of special dies, where Sleeking™ does not require dies. Instead, it will stick only where digital inks are applied. Without the need for dies, Sleeking is a less expensive option and is perfect for short run and variable data applications.

Learn more about this technology by watching our short video