Month: October 2018

Latitude Baby Blanket Packaging

Digital printing is making a difference, allowing designers to push the boundaries of what they once thought possible, all while saving money through small print runs. And in the right hands, digital is helping designers make a difference in other ways, too. To raise awareness for struggling mothers overseas, Minneapolis design agency Latitude sent 600 baby blankets to clients they’ve worked with, each in a distinctive, digitally printed mailing box. An additional 300 blankets were polybagged and shipped to clinics in Honduras, Haiti, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Kenya. The project is part of Latitude’s commitment to investing 50% of its...

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3D Einstein Memo Pad

I can see it now. It’s late. You’ve been busily jotting down one note after the other while you brainstorm a particularly complex project. Suddenly you get the distinct impression that you’re being watched. Slowly your gaze slides across your desk. And there, emerging from your notepad, is the face of the most famous scientist in history. The 3D Albert Einstein notepad, designed and sold by Pulp, an Israeli maker of fine stationery products, is an amazing example of what you can do with the right tools, the right paper, and a whole lot of...

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