Author: Jeff Truan

The Film Bros© Episode 1 – What is the Difference Between Soft Touch Laminates and Soft Touch Coatings?

  In this episode, The Film Bros© use their 45+ years of combined experience in the print industry to discuss a question they hear often. What is the difference between soft touch laminates and soft-touch coatings? What are the pros and cons? Follow along for three minutes to get their...

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So what is Sleeking?

I’d been oblivious to the possibilities this technology provides for creative souls – particularly for smaller budgets – but in hindsight it all made sense: “Sleeking” was pretty fab. (Though please don’t get me started on that name…) I had seen a special, digital edition of “The Mohawk Maker Quarterly” No. 5. The words “foil stamped” might have crossed my mind at the time but I don’t think I gave it another thought. It did not really hit me until I was talking shop with a fellow judge on our flight to HP’s Inkspiration Awards in Boise. Turns out that...

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