Author: Leah Rochat

What Is Cross Market Ingenuity?

Cross Market Ingenuity is Nobelus’ term for our ability to provide printers, and ultimately brand owners, a specialty film laminating solution that allows consistency across all mediums of packaging such as folded carton, flexible packaging, labels and other commercial print items. Whether you are folding carton producer looking to get into labels or a flexible packaging provider looking to expand your label offering, Nobelus has solutions for...

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Sleeking Tools Courtesy of Nobelus

Sell More with this free set of marketing collateral! At Nobelus, our mission is: Enhancing People, Partners and the World’s Brands. Now, more than ever before, printers are looking for a way to draw in their customers and create new revenue streams. We are offering a set of marketing collateral for Sleeking® that can be personalized to your business. Simply choose a direct mail piece or brochures and drop your logo and contact information into the file. Print ready Sleeking files in minutes! Use these marketing pieces to educate your customers on the value and benefits of variable digital foiling...

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