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Marketing Tools Courtesy of Nobelus

Sell more Specialty Laminate Projects with this FREE set of Marketing collateral. At Nobelus, our mission is: Enhancing People, Partners and the World’s Brands. To help our partners differentiate themselves in the crowded field of print, we are offering a set of marketing collateral that can be personalized to your business. Simply take out direct mail piece or brochures and drop your logo and contact information into the file. Print ready files in minutes! Use these marketing pieces to educate brand owners on the value of adding rich textures and tactile finishes to their printed pieces – ultimately generating...

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Need to Clean your Graphics? Encapsulate Them!

During these unprecedented times, we are cleaning anything and everything in order to ensure our health and safety.  Did you know your printed graphics can also be cleaned if they are laminated properly? In lamination terminology, encapsulation is a two-sided lamination where the film is larger than the item it covers, and the edges are sealed. This sealed edge, commonly ¼” to ½” on all sides, is key to being able to clean and sanitize your graphics over and over by using non-abrasive chemicals and cleaners.  Encapsulation protects your image or document on both sides and prevents moisture from...

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8 Reasons to Use Thermal Laminate Film

Lamination is used across many different markets in the print industry. From dog food packaging and cosmetics to menus and software packaging, we are seeing lamination films used more and more frequently. What makes lamination so popular? And why are we seeing it more often? Below are the top 8 reasons printed materials need lamination. Enhance – Premium lamination makes color more vivid, helping branded folded cartons, flexible packaging or labels stand out on a crowded retail shelf or inside the brown box on your doorstep. Durability – Some laminate films such as LuxeFilms® ScuffProof® and Karess® SmudgeProof are engineered...

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The Role of LuxeFilms and Nobelus in Flexible Packaging and the Label Market

Luxe Films for years has pushed the boundaries on laminates, with a special focus in Packaging (Folding Carton and Rigid) by pursuing Brands, Agencies, and the Printer themselves. Recently, it has come to light that there may be other areas of opportunity within Labels and Pack to leverage these unique products for a completely different finish and consumer experience. Flexible Packaging is in a world of its own, having just really started to offer matte finishes – at a premium to gloss pricing. The issue is that these are typically coupled with dark colored artwork, and when you consider...

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