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Paper Inspiration – ‘The Wild’ Pop-Up

“Fiddle” toys such as the “Fidget Cube” are all the rage right now, apparently – little gadgets with buttons and switches and things that adults noodle around with in meetings, lines, and at bail hearings. I never really understood why I disliked these doohickeys so much until paper engineer/illustrator Simon Arizpe happened to share his own creation with us recently: “The Wild”. Both inventions developed out of successful Kickstarter campaigns – the Fidget Cube’s completed last September, “The Wild’s” last April. And that’s really where the similarities end. The former, after all, is utterly without purpose. And “The Wild”…...

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Paper Inspiration – Zara Kids Packaging

Young children are notorious for preferring to play with the boxes items arrive in more than the items themselves. And in the case of this clever packaging for Zara Kids, who could blame them? Created with a flush fit paper tube, the eyes of the characters are printed on the neck underneath, with die cuts in the cap allowing for crazier and crazier facial expressions as you turn the base. I could happily while away an hour interacting with these tubes that simply beg to be played with. Sliding the cap up and off reveals the actual product inside...

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