Month: November 2017

How Variable Data Foiling is Changing the Print Finishing World

The ever-expanding list of printing possibilities is becoming wildly popular due to the advent of the digital age in printing. Digital foil stamping, for example, is here to stay and there’s a wider variety of opportunities for this technique in the field than ever before. Sleeking, is the process that bonds a special foil with any type of digital ink, creating innumerable possibilities for a finished product. In the past, conventional foil stamping required far more steps than the digital replica entails. After the initial artwork was made, the first step indicated that a dye had to be made,...

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The Advantages of Laminate Film vs. UV Coating

Although UV coating became popular in the last 20 years, it’s also quickly falling out of favor with printers. Why? Because the numerous advantages of lamination continue to overpower its usability. Here, we discuss a few reasons as to why using laminate film is more sensible than UV coating. UV coating doesn’t add to the textile strength of a folding carton, while laminate does add durability and strength to its structure. It can also run on slightly thinner board to get the same effect as UV coating, minimizing in other areas of the printing process. Color retention can be...

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The 3 Bases of Thermal Laminate Films

The lamination process continues to be popular in the print world, with users of laminating film like book manufacturers, commercial printers, and graphic artists looking for it’s sleek, professional finish. However, with the variety of choices available, how do you know which thermal laminate film to use for which kind of products? Here we detail the three bases of thermal laminate films and their common application uses. Polyester is a wonderfully versatile film, usable for most applications. It offers superb scratch and scuff resistance for everyday wear, exceeds most durability standards, and it has reliable folding characteristics. Polyester’s high...

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