Author: Steve Truan

Color – A Key Influencer in a Consumers Perception of a Product

Packaging color is one of the most influential factors affecting how consumers perceive a product thus, affecting buying behavior. Color has been known to form a mood and influence sensory feelings amongst consumers. Every color — primary and secondary — has its own emotional connection, providing the easiest way to attract consumers. As explained by Jenn David Connolly, “Color influences consumers not only on the conscious level, but also on the subconscious level”. WebpageFX marketing specialists stated that “consumers make a subconscious judgment about a product in sixty seconds or less of viewing it, and sixty-two percent to ninety percent of...

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The Film Bros© Episode 14 – The Power of the Unboxing Experience

  In this episode, The Film Bros© discuss the the power of the unboxing experience. Many brand owners and packaging companies spend a lot of time on the exterior of the package and it is important, but greater than that is the power of the unboxing experience. It’s a new frontier that every brand owner should be taking advantage of. There are over 1 million YouTube videos on...

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