I used to say there were three things to clean off of the rollers of a laminator, but I’ve learned there are four. Please follow the steps below to get your machine up and running.

Paper: To remove paper, use a yellow sponge with green Scotchbrite® to lightly soak paper with water and then gently rub with Scotchbrite® pad to remove the paper.

Laminate Film: Close the laminator rollers and run the machine to get the rollers hot, without any film threaded through the unit. Once heated, use a Rubber Eraser Block to remove the plastic part of the film.

Laminate Adhesive: Close the rollers and run the unit to heat up the glue on the roller. Then, using imaging oil or mineral spirits, carefully remove the glue with a cloth. You will have to clean the top roller again as the glue will transfer in this process.

Ink: Using a Scotchbrite® sponge with a bit of mineral spirits on the green side, rub on rubber roller. DO NOT apply much pressure; just gently rub the rollers clean.

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