Those in the print market understand the importance of lamination for certain marketing materials, adding various benefits to every project. From safety measures to a professional finish, the idea of lamination is far more modern than many even realize. Here are a few modern ways to benefit from the process of lamination.

Added Protection

Laminating products can ensure the safety and reusability of materials. It protects from scratches, spills, fingerprints, tears, etc. that can be highly useful for menus and brochures that see a lot of traffic.

A Distinctive Look

Designs pop with the added inclusion of glossy lamination. Vibrancy and high shine can be added to print materials, creating an attractive look that draws in customers. Glossy images are more prevalent as a marketing tool, as they display a more professional quality than the average paper print.

Increased Longevity

Items such as maps, educational materials, posters and the like all benefit from lamination for the sake of a longer lifespan. Prints that get handled frequently last longer with the help of plastic covering, while posters hanging on walls have the advantage of protection against weather conditions and other harsh environments.

The decorative and durable results acquired through the use of lamination are many, with hundreds of different ideas made available through its implementation. For designers and marketers alike, adding the process of lamination can be a key component to saving on costs and creating an entirely new, professional product to hand out to loyal customers, as well as potential new customers.