Designers everywhere know that creating an image on a screen is only half the process of creating a suitable business logo or brand label. The printing process needs to be properly handled as well, and this is often where mishaps can occur. Understanding printing techniques is crucial to making the right calls when it comes to a final product, and here we describe some of the more recent printing trends making their way into the hands of industry leaders.

Personalizing Digital Products

Digital printing isn’t new, but incorporating personal techniques is fast becoming a new way to market brand names and logos. Since digital printers use faster, economical toners that can easily create mass numbers through their print runs, personalizing business images through more interactive branding is slowly becoming a more worthwhile endeavor.

Blending Crafty Techniques from Old and New Models

Print shops are turning into consultancies more often than not lately, with business leaders asking designers and print shop workers to mix different elements of both old and new techniques. Having a background in older machines and ideas that are then collected with digital approaches has been a successful method for implementing new concepts. Campaigns are consistently turning to both analog and digital ideas for the best of both worlds.

Incorporating Interactive Designs

Static designs in advertising are becoming stale, forcing marketers to go above and beyond to create new interactive approaches to attract customers. Using AR (augmented reality) technologies, more consumers can create their own specific ads and products that cater to their own ideas.

Reviving Old Print Ideas Amidst Digital Backlash

While the digital age has challenged many concepts and brought a variety of innovations, some are returning to the old-age print methods, enough even to inspire a comeback. Tactile, physical prints remain more personal than the interchangeable lack of permanence associated with digital advertising.