Author: Clayt Lennox

In-house Production of Met-Poly/ METPET Board by Utilizing Nearly Any One-Sided Laminating Machine

  Mirror™ Metalized is a brilliant silver metallic polyester film with excellent printability and machinability, allowing in-house production of Met-Poly/ METPET board by utilizing nearly any one-sided laminating machine. Mirror™ Metalized film provides an excellent reflective silver foil effect, and its properties allow varnishes and stamped products to adhere to the film, creating incredible special...

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Toyota Camry Pop-up Gatefold Insert

If you’re a car company, putting your potential customer “in the driver’s seat” virtually is pretty easy these days, using everything from television commercials and online videos to augmented and virtual reality. But these only allow you to convey the sight and sound of that new car experience. To promote the 2018 Camry, Toyota and their agency Saatchi & Saatchi, with the help of Structural Graphics, pulled the humble automobile ad into the third dimension with a removable insert that not only engages four of the five senses, but also quickens the pulse of anyone who comes in contact...

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Scodix Quick Separation Tutorial

A selective spot varnish, Scodix SPOT digitally recreates the effect of traditional analog flat varnishes, without the setup time or mess. The result is brilliant, and when I learned about it, I was keen to incorporate it into some of my print designs. However, setting up the file was a little tricky. That is when I discovered this handy...

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Sleeking Technology Information

Sleeking™ Technology Significance The technological impact of the new 4-Step Sleeking, and the Over-Printable Foiling, is significant on many fronts.  Based on the original innovation of bonding a special metallic foil or spot coating (gloss, matte, or holographic), 4-Step takes this to a new level. Market significance for equipment: Firstly, this technology removes the most time-consuming and costly portion of the traditional foil-stamping market: dies.  For several centuries, dies have been needed to properly foil-stamp mono-color foil onto a variety of substrates.  They are typically expensive, require outsourcing (except for larger shops), offer little variable-data options, and must be...

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Print a Perfect Rich Black – Every Time

Looking back many years to when I first started in graphic design, I recall how  black turned out to be the most perplexing of all the colors. Frankly, this came as a surprise because it seemed to me that it should be the most simple. Just hit the Black button and you have black right? Well it turned out I was quite wrong, and this cost me some money and caused me some embarrassment. I had designed a beautiful luxury mailer for a client which was mostly black + images. The proofs from the printer looked great (done digitally),...

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