You can take your print shop to the next level with the addition of a Commercial Laminator. You will greatly increase the variety of finishes you can offer your customers, and you will help their business grow as they stand above their competition. Cheapest is not always the most efficient way to draw attention to products. Spending a little more than the competition on details like packaging finishing can truly set a product apart.

Laminating film comes in a lot more varieties than just gloss or matte. Think canvas, soft touch, textured, leather to name a just few.The application of laminate brings out the “brilliance” of colors in the final product.

A few of the available films are listed below


The gloss finish is a bright and glossy and helps colors and imagery underneath to pop.


A blend of gloss and matte, there is a very little reflection off of a Luster film. Luster makes a printed piece appear elegant and vibrant.


Matte is a perfect application to soften your image and reduce glare. An excellent use of the matte lamination is for signage where glare from overhead lighting and windows can reduce the legibility.

Textures – Canvas, Leather & More

Want something with a little verve? Think texture! And there are many available. It is important to consider that the feeling of touch plays a significant part in things such as direct mail, and packaging. Texture can contribute to a highly luxurious feel enabling your customer’s products and packaging to stand out in exceptional ways.