Month: July 2017

Top 15 Uses for Lamination – Some Might Surprise You!

Over the years I have seen lamination used for many applications. Several in the list below may seem typical – but a few may be a surprise! Menu’s Bookmarks Dry Erase Pockets – Pre K Labels Homework Chart Student Helper Chart Fancy Hall Passes Signs – Example: Wash Your Hands Certificates Activity Cards Recipes Flash Cards Sun Catchers Spine Labels for Binders School...

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Enhance Work Performance By Laminating Multiple Projects Simultaneously

In the work environment, finding ways to save on costs and production time is a year-round struggle. Thankfully, taking small steps toward meeting this goal can be easier than you may think. If you’re looking to enhance your workspace, try optimizing your laminating duties by completing multiple documents at once. Settle On One Pouch for Various Projects Adding multiple sheets to one large pouch can be done by laying them side by side to be laminated, only to be trimmed after lamination takes place. This can be a time saver as well as a cost-saver in terms of materials,...

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5 Reasons Why Laminate Film Quality Does Matter

Being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money — it means spending your money wisely. That also means some things may be cheap now, but actually cost you more in the long run, while other times it makes sense to spend more now for a better, longer-lasting experience. Let’s take a look at how this applies in the world of laminate films. You will experience fewer wrap arounds with a higher quality film. The bond strength is much better on high-quality film compared to cheaper imported film. Poor quality film tends to easily snap/melt onto heat shoe or heated rollers...

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Loading Laminate Film – The 5 Most Important Steps

Cleaning Your Heated Rollers Important!! Ensure that the heated rollers have no plastic and/or adhesive on the roller! If they do, they need cleaning. It’s always easier to clean the heated rollers when they’re hot. Have a look at this article for more detail on cleaning the rollers. Loading Always remember that the Glossy side should be against the heat shoe/roller. It’s easy to tell which side of the film has the adhesive on it – the Matte side of the film is the adhesive. Keep this away from the heat shoe/rollers! Threading Threading the film is also important....

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When to Use Digital Lamination Film for Prints

While there is a multitude of different types of laminating films on the market today, many of them are not yet suited for digital printing. This means that problems can occur during the lamination process, leading to less than stellar results with the finished product. For instance, when you use standard laminating materials on a toner-based digital print, the film won’t properly bond to the toner or paper, leaving it to bubble and peel up easily. As a result, utilizing the proper laminate film for digitally printed product is key. Common offset presses use conventional CMYK ink to print...

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