When using pouch and roll laminators, sometimes it can be challenging to achieve the quality output we like to see on our laminated pieces. Here are a few tips we’d like to share from our experience:

Overcoming Typical Pouch Laminator Problems

It is tempting to load up all your small cards into a strip-shaped document. But, when you try to load too many of your business cards or luggage tags into one pouch, there is one major problem that can occur. This is the dreaded air bubbles and silvering that can affect the quality of lamination. This can happen if air pockets get trapped in between some of your documents. One way to combat this problem is by using smaller pouch dimensions that suit the size of your documents. Smaller pouches are actually more economical than larger ones. In turn, this will also save you the time you waste trying to laminate your documents again.

Using a Roll Laminator Effectively

One way to avoid the problem caused by air pockets is to use a roll laminator. As you have to use more pressure during lamination, this pushes out any trapped air. With a larger surface area, you should be able to laminate multiple documents without any problem. In addition, you will find that some roll laminators have a slitter attachment. This will cut a large sheet into smaller documents for you once it has been laminated. This makes trimming your business cards or luggage tags easier and faster.