Many busy print shops these days require more than the one or two binding styles available in a dual-functioning binding machine. Therefore, what would be a better solution to accommodate a hectic working environment for all of its binding needs?

Investing in a modular binding machine.

Binding books with simple 3:1 pitch twin-loop wires or plastic spiral coils are easy solutions for binding, yet most basic machines only offer these two possibilities. If your business needs to complete a project using 2:1 pitch twin-loop wires, your current binding machine wouldn’t be able to successfully get the job done.

A modular binding machine with interchangeable dies, however, can be the best answer to your business capabilities. Exchanging bindings would only require changing dies, as opposed to having to juggle two separate machines every day.

With these versatile binding machines comes the ability to save both money and space in your shop. The dies that need replacing are far easier to buy and store than having two massive machines in the work environment.

Available in both electric and manual models, modular binding machines with interchangeable dies offer an array of positive benefits that can be a wise investment for any productive print shop.