When it comes to getting a project done right, you want to know you’ve ordered the proper materials to handle the job. If you’re uncertain about which direction to turn when ordering roll laminating film, use these five helpful key terms to determine what you need to successfully complete your project.

1. Core Size

Make sure to measure the interior core of the laminating film to determine what sizes will fit around your machine’s mandrel. This core works to hold the film in place, like that of a roll of paper towels or toilet paper.

2. Film Finish

Two versions of laminating film are offered with gloss or matte finishes. Consider which kind you’re searching for, depending on the level of flatness or shine you’re hoping to achieve.

3. Footage Length

This ever-rolling sheet is the film that’s pulled consistently from the roll as you use it. Make sure you have prepared enough by measuring the amount you’ll need ahead of time.

4. Roll Width

Width applies to the distance, in inches, of your roll of laminating film from one end of the roll to the other, or the cylinder’s overall length.

5. Film Thickness

A film’s thickness is measured in mil due to its thin material, so most common film rolls come in sizes ranging from 1.5 mil – 10 mil.

Understanding this key terminology can help you properly order your laminating film materials for any projects you may have in the future.