What if you could save yourself time and money by utilizing the features of one miracle product, like the paper trimmer?

Paper trimmers are essential for a busy office environment, capable of cutting sharp, straight edges into multiple sheets of paper in one swift motion. Most models are designed with a grid-mark feature inlaid in the trimmer’s surface, allowing the user to measure their paper accurately before every slice. They can even cut any excess material that you don’t need from your project, creating smooth, clean lines that look professional after each use.

There are three popular paper trimmers on the market today that can successfully perform this action: the guillotine trimmer, the rotary paper trimmer and the stack cutter.

Guillotine Trimmer

This simple yet effective trimmer works with one single blade, moving on a track that, once swung downward to cut, slices through multiple sheets of thin paper in quick formation.

Rotary Paper Trimmer

Though this paper trimmer also uses one blade, the feature itself slides across the surface of the tool’s edge, as opposed to being manually swung down. A mechanism like this is better suited for cutting one binding cover or laminated sheet at a time.

Stack Cutter

Perfect for slicing mass quantities of paper in one go, this trimmer is similar in style to the guillotine trimmer, using one blade that’s swung down to cut. However, this blade is larger and sharper to sustain its function as a mass-quantity tool.

For effective paper cutting that can handle multiple laminated sheets or binding covers at once, use one of these highly productive and money-saving trimmers in your office environment.