When your project needs a glamorous exterior, adding a laminated finish can give it a polished, more refined look. Here are the various types of laminating film finishes to choose from when you’re hoping to achieve a more professional style.

Matte Finish:

Perfect for brightly-lit environments where your text or images won’t be overpowered by glaring light, this non-reflective method gives a sophisticated edge that’s also easily readable from all distances.

Satin Finish:

Working as a middle-ground between the dull matte and the high gloss, this medium-level finish can be the answer to adding some texture without overwhelming the document.

Gloss Finish:

As the most popular style, the shiny, glossy finish creates a high sheen that’s best used for consistently-handled paperwork and marketing items for businesses.

Add some substance and flair to your paperwork with a suitable laminating film finish that works best for your project.