“The goal of the project was to create an object that is both elegant and precious, yet ephemeral.” – Petre Spassov, PS Design

Feel that slight chill on the back of your neck just behind the summer’s blistering temps? That’s the avalanche of banal corporate greetings headed your way in just a few months time in all of its yawn-inducing glory. Determined not to be lost in the green-and-red slush pile, designer Petre Spassov of PS Design crafted this fun and interactive gift box with a stylish surprise inside. “Tell us about the surprise,” you ask. Sorry, first we tackle that cool packaging. (No sulking 😉

Starting with French Paper’s Speckletone 100 lb. Cover, Petre screen printed it by hand using acrylic gold and silver metallic Speedball inks.

“Experimenting with the different paper stock and acrylic inks, we were able to find a stock and ink combination that will not crack when scored and folded,” says Petre.

Next, he and Rebecca Spassov created custom die cuts that, he adds, were “an interesting challenge to create to properly support and protect the package contents.”

But the idea that transformed this from a good idea into a great one was the creation of a tear strip that, when pulled all the way around, opens up the package like the blooming of a rose, revealing the surprise within.

“Inside the hand-folded box is one of five unique ornaments which were laser cut and etched from quarter-inch white acrylic to stand out against the deep green of a Christmas tree,” Petre explains. “Each of the five ornaments features a unique ampersand that was lettered by hand before being vectored for production.”

If, in the giving of gifts it is indeed the thought that counts, what potential client could open such a fun and creative box and not think, “Thank you for feeding my need for inspiration”?