The process of Sleeking has introduced an entirely new element of design including laminating finishes for the printing industry. It offers a wide arrangement of optical effects, paired with engaging tactile film layers, with the use of just one laminator in-house to form a simple yet beautiful product.

With such an easy solution at your disposal, you can transform regular digital prints into works of art that make an impact. These aesthetically-pleasing prints mimic the traditional process of print work, for only a fraction of the cost. Sleeking provides a wider variety of scalable options as well, able to perform both short & long-run jobs to meet the needs of both personal and corporate orders when necessary.

The real advantage of sleeking is in its personalization, where digital foiling allows for adding variable data to a design, giving an image the added touch it needs to stand out amongst the others.

Here are a few tips for achieving your perfect prints every time using the Sleeking process:

  1. Make sure your files are set up so your foil stamping or Sleeking presses are printing 100 percent ink. Determining which colors to use and optimizing them with the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) ink color spectrum will enhance your prints to your satisfaction.
  2. Set the right temperature on the laminator so your prints come out looking clean and pristine.  We suggest a range of 220-240° for best results with lamination and 220° for best results on Sleeking.
  3. Keep a little extra room for the colors to ‘bleed.’ Any touch-up work that needs to undergo the laminating process a second time means the previously-applied colors will be reheated as well, creating the possibility for them to expand and leak outward.
  4. Use 400 force pressure on the HP® Indigo blanket for all printing, but especially on uncoated stocks for best foil bond.

Sleeking allows for a multitude of creative techniques in your prints. Utilizing these tips on your project helps ensure your product comes out looking perfect every time, to correctly show off your talent to the world.