Nothing gets a party started faster than a well-stocked bar and some great tunes, making Bacardi’s “Real Music Speaker” rum packaging one of the cleverest combos around. That’s right: This box is wired for sound!

Designed by our friends at MW Luxury Packaging and Bacardi to hold a bottle of Bacardi’s Carta Negra Superior Black Rum, it features a recycled rigid board substructure wrapped in 100 lb. (157gsm) white art paper and a matte, anti-scratch polypropylene laminate printed CMYK by Best Planner. A slick spot UV gloss varnish makes a number of clever little details pop.

One of the most impressive features of this packaging is the unexpected ways it sticks to the color scheme of its famous black, white, red and gray logo. Just when you think “Sorry folks, you missed the gray,” you realize that it’s been there the whole time – in the assortment of woofer and tweeter images surrounding each speaker.

Held closed by a magnetic enclosure, the package presents the bottle on one side and the speakers on the other when opened. Inside, the same 100 lb. art paper is printed with a red pattern, offering a vivid backdrop for the bottle itself.

The twin speakers and power pack are held in place and concealed by a printed flute platform and the speaker grills themselves. Ready to get the joint jumping? Simply hook up your smartphone or MP3 device to the cable provided, slip it into the slot provided, and crank it up! (Please crank responsibly.)