Month: July 2018

Technology Roi, Market Pricing, and Cost/Benefit For Sleeking

Production Sleeking of 3-Step and 4-Step is relatively low-cost to enter, with a small format production system (automatically feeds, foils, and separates sheets at about 20 feet per minute) running just under $60,000 / while a larger and faster automatic system will run between $80,000-$115,000, depending on options and add-ons. From an ROI standpoint of a print provider/packaging printer/trade finisher, there is a huge benefit to adding a production Sleeking system, as it also performs high-speed production laminating of thin films.  Sleeking systems have all the functionality for one- sided laminating, running anywhere from speeds of 50-100 feet per...

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More About Folding Cartons

– The global folding market is growing, and will likely reach around $125 Billion by 2022. -According to, the premiumization of folding cartons is escalating in America, due to an increase in consumer living standards, and more sales of luxury goods. -Brand owners are demanding more differentiation in an ever-more-crowded...

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Sleeking Technology Information

Sleeking™ Technology Significance The technological impact of the new 4-Step Sleeking, and the Over-Printable Foiling, is significant on many fronts.  Based on the original innovation of bonding a special metallic foil or spot coating (gloss, matte, or holographic), 4-Step takes this to a new level. Market significance for equipment: Firstly, this technology removes the most time-consuming and costly portion of the traditional foil-stamping market: dies.  For several centuries, dies have been needed to properly foil-stamp mono-color foil onto a variety of substrates.  They are typically expensive, require outsourcing (except for larger shops), offer little variable-data options, and must be...

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