Production Sleeking of 3-Step and 4-Step is relatively low-cost to enter, with a small format production system (automatically feeds, foils, and separates sheets at about 20 feet per minute) running just under $60,000 / while a larger and faster automatic system will run between $80,000-$115,000, depending on options and add-ons.

From an ROI standpoint of a print provider/packaging printer/trade finisher, there is a huge benefit to adding a production Sleeking system, as it also performs high-speed production laminating of thin films.  Sleeking systems have all the functionality for one- sided laminating, running anywhere from speeds of 50-100 feet per minute, and are also able to run laminate two-sided in a work and turn scenario. For most users, this functionality allows them to insource nearly all of their laminating , and also add some of the new film technologies that are emerging on the market.  The technologies include ScuffProof, Metalized, Textured, Tactile, and Holographic Thermal films, and they provide an amazing array of options in addition to the Sleeking technology, greatly speeding up the ROI.

3-Step Sleeking (on paper) in its simplest form costs around 13 cents to foil a 12” x 18” with full coverage, or less than that if only a small area on the foil is used. For 4-step Sleeking, the inclusion of a Printable laminate adds about 10-11 cents in material cost, plus labor and equipment expense.  Selling prices in the marketplace range from $1.50 to $5.00 per sheet, making it very profitable for most providers.

In addition to allowing a Sleeking provider to insource laminating, Sleeking provides users with a huge amount of savings in die charges. Most dies run from $45 to $350 each, and many print providers have to outsource die-making to an outside provider. Variable data dies offer few options over numbering, and are extremely expensive.

The allowance of completely variable-data foiling, enabled by the Sleeking method, is opening highly profitable market opportunities for savvy printers everywhere.  Perfect for numbering, security applications, wedding invitations, announcement cards, pocket folders, premium business cards, greeting cards, journals and book covers, and so much more – every new use brings more opportunity.