Month: September 2018

Con Vista Wine Label

Every day I’m amazed at the creativity and imagination on display on today’s wine and spirit shelves. Yet the look Spazio Di Paolo created for the Con Vista Chianti feels like we’ve reached a whole new level of label creativity. Through the expert layering of papers and a haunting example of a sculptured emboss, they’ve crafted something that wouldn’t look out of place hanging on the wall of a modern art...

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Toyota Camry Pop-up Gatefold Insert

If you’re a car company, putting your potential customer “in the driver’s seat” virtually is pretty easy these days, using everything from television commercials and online videos to augmented and virtual reality. But these only allow you to convey the sight and sound of that new car experience. To promote the 2018 Camry, Toyota and their agency Saatchi & Saatchi, with the help of Structural Graphics, pulled the humble automobile ad into the third dimension with a removable insert that not only engages four of the five senses, but also quickens the pulse of anyone who comes in contact...

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Scodix Quick Separation Tutorial

A selective spot varnish, Scodix SPOT digitally recreates the effect of traditional analog flat varnishes, without the setup time or mess. The result is brilliant, and when I learned about it, I was keen to incorporate it into some of my print designs. However, setting up the file was a little tricky. That is when I discovered this handy...

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