Month: May 2019

Question & Answer – Laminating Films

The decisions to add a laminating film to a printed product has become much more than just protecting the piece from moisture or other outside elements. Today, there is a variety of choices to add specialty effects or special tactile surfaces with film lamination. PostPress sat down with Jeff Truan of Nobelus to ask a few questions on the current landscape for film laminations.     Q. In the past, film laminating was used mostly for protection of a printed piece, but today, there are a lot of different types of laminates for decorative and “touch and feel” applications....

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The 7 Secrets of Specialty Laminates for Flexible Packaging and Labels

The fierce battle for buyers’ attention on overcrowded retail shelves means today’s packaging must not only get food to market, but also help sell it. Below we list seven key ways that specialty laminate films make this process easier. Laminate films protect products and extend their shelf life. This applies to a huge variety of food products for human and animal consumption Laminate films actually add structural strength, product value, and allow better profit margins for producers ScuffProof® films resolve all scuffing, burnishing, and scratching especially dark colors Films are far better than UV coating, eliminating the smell, and...

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