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Brands Can Move Fast and Get Attractively Packaged Products to the Shelf Faster Than Ever Before with Pack Ready.

  Pack Ready Lamination is an energy-efficient, chemical-free digital system that allows converters to meet the growing demand for fast time to market, increase throughput, and reduce total costs with zero curing time for lamination, as well as a significant reduction material waste at job changeover. Nobelus has been named as an HP Indigo validated thermal lamination film provider for the HP Indigo Pack Ready Laminator by Karlville. Our premium laminate films bring exciting opportunities to the table, including Platinum PET Gloss, which offers high gloss and durability, and Karess Matte, a unique solution that provides a tactile soft...

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Top 10 Trends In Finishing In The Commercial Space Right Now

Finishing and Embellishments Eye-catching, multi-sensory print finishing can include foil, embossing, spot treatment, glitter, laminates, soft-touch finishes, and textures. The use of finishes can revitalize the creative touch since so many genuinely new and evocative ideas can now be done in finishing. It opens a whole aura of possibilities, focusing on various opportunities through printable films, laying down laminate on stock, the text weight, cover, board, etc. Specialty Envelopes Strange shapes, colors or even materials make this stand out in the mail world. A brand’s color is often the first thing that catches a customer’s eye. Putting more emphasis...

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Cost-Effective Short-Run Foiling and Variable Data Foiling Become a Reality

  Sleeking™ is enhancing brands through a wide range of print materials, including greetings cards, packaging, marketing collateral and more. For your next creative project, take it to the next level with Sleeking™ Digital Foil! View the video above to gain a better understanding of this easy and rewarding...

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The 7 Secrets of Specialty Laminates for Flexible Packaging and Labels

The fierce battle for buyers’ attention on overcrowded retail shelves means today’s packaging must not only get food to market, but also help sell it. Below we list seven key ways that specialty laminate films make this process easier. Laminate films protect products and extend their shelf life. This applies to a huge variety of food products for human and animal consumption Laminate films actually add structural strength, product value, and allow better profit margins for producers ScuffProof® films resolve all scuffing, burnishing, and scratching especially dark colors Films are far better than UV coating, eliminating the smell, and...

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Glitter and Glamor: The Beauty of Foil Stamping

By Wikipedia’s definition, “foil stamping is a printing method of relief printing in which pre-dried ink or foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures. The non-polluting method has diversified since its rise to prominence in the 19th century to include a variety of colors and processes.  According to us, foil stamping is an inexpensive way to jazz up your printed materials and make them stand out. Foil stamping is an affordable way to adds a very high-end, classy touch to your packaging or print jobs.  Foil adds an element of quality and a high end feel to...

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