Month: December 2019

Troubles With Bubbles? Your Laminate Film May Not be the Culprit

In this article, I would like to address a relatively common issue — called ‘silvering’ — that can occur during the lamination process. Frequently my customers will claim, especially those with older equipment, that they are getting bubbles beneath the surface of their lamination. They might explain that it is all over the surface, or perhaps they’ll describe a particular pattern. Initially, they think it’s a lamination issue; however, more often than not it is a result of what we call silvering. ’Silvering‘:  Caused by a Lack of Heat, Pressure, or Both Silvering is caused by a lack of...

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Color – A Key Influencer in a Consumers Perception of a Product

Packaging color is one of the most influential factors affecting how consumers perceive a product thus, affecting buying behavior. Color has been known to form a mood and influence sensory feelings amongst consumers. Every color — primary and secondary — has its own emotional connection, providing the easiest way to attract consumers. As explained by Jenn David Connolly, “Color influences consumers not only on the conscious level, but also on the subconscious level”. WebpageFX marketing specialists stated that “consumers make a subconscious judgment about a product in sixty seconds or less of viewing it, and sixty-two percent to ninety percent of...

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SHR™ Photo Finishing that Cuts Costs by 20-40% – What is it?

SHR™ stands for Silver Halide Replacement and means that there is now a smarter, more environmentally sound and lower-cost way to produce photos that have the look, feel, and weight of regular photo paper. The new SHR™ Photo Finishing Method is a dynamic combination of digital printing technology, the Nobelus™ 1.6 mil SHR™ Laminate film, and our SHR™ Lamination Equipment. SHR™ equipment is available in an on-demand version, automatically fed production units, and a high-speed web unit. SHR™ photo finishing saves 20-40% over standard silver halide production costs, meaning HUGE savings for short run to high-volume photo finishers, photobook...

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