Nobelus, an innovative brand enhancement provider that specializes in overlaminate films and equipment, is announcing the creation of a brand enhancement concept called Cross Market Ingenuity. The term Cross Market Ingenuity implies the ability of Nobelus’ specialty laminating films to cross the various vertical markets in the print industry in order to create brand uniformity.

“We chose the term Cross Market Ingenuity because it is reflective of the ability of Nobelus’ specialty laminating films to create a consistent brand identity and appearance to printed projects in various markets such as folded carton, general commercial print, flexible packaging and label,” stated Angie Mohni, VP of Marketing for Nobelus. “This term is really reflective of Nobelus’ mission to enhance people, partners and the world’s brands.”

Using decades of experience to drive constant innovation and ingenuity, Nobelus is in constant pursuit of new technology and applications to satisfy new market and industry needs. One of those market trends is the convergence of print offerings to reach a broader customer base. Many commercial printers are adding labels to their portfolio, and some label producers are moving into pouch / flexible packaging and folding carton production.

Using the Cross Market Ingenuity concept to engage a consumer’s senses by applying tactile films, such as Nobelus’ LuxeFilms® including Karess®, FineLeather™ and ScuffProof® across all these applications satisfies a brand owner’s desire for brand consistency, while also giving print service providers new streams of revenue.

To showcase the Cross Market Ingenuity concept, Nobelus has created a fictional chocolate shop called Luxe Chocolatiers. Samples of a folded carton, menu, flexible bag and labels laminated with the same film are available. Visit for more details.