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Con Vista Wine Label

Every day I’m amazed at the creativity and imagination on display on today’s wine and spirit shelves. Yet the look Spazio Di Paolo created for the Con Vista Chianti feels like we’ve reached a whole new level of label creativity. Through the expert layering of papers and a haunting example of a sculptured emboss, they’ve crafted something that wouldn’t look out of place hanging on the wall of a modern art...

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Foiling’s Next Frontier: Sleeking

Printing and design experts Chris Buoni and Erika Bartos shared inspirational examples of sleeking at its finest. They shared how sleeking can be used in a classic silver or gold foil way to bring type or patterns to life; a metalized background, to enhance your images; or a dramatic holographic impression to create print projects that will impress the pickiest...

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Paper Inspiration – Texas State Health Brochure

Texas State Health Information Technology Program got the chemistry just right on this hexagonal brochure! So how does this concept take shape? The designer says a little research revealed that when the hexagon is paired with icons and other elements it connotes technology. The engineering behind each arm is a testament to proper planning. Each panel is a bit smaller than the one above it in the folding...

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‘The Fourth Phase’ Book – Print Design Inspiration

When I was growing up I remember coffee table books being just that – enormous tomes nearly as large as the tables they rested on, filled with large, breathtaking photographs. Now that I’ve grown up, these books seem smaller somehow, less special. Which is why I love “The 4th Phase” book so much – it feels as large and untamed as the places it documents in words and images. Printed for Red Bull Media House by Lithographix, this companion volume to the film “The Fourth Phase” features images shot during snowboarder Travis Rice’s epic four year, 16,000 mile journey...

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Paper Inspiration – This Book is a Planetarium

If you spent any time in American libraries growing up you probably remember a wide variety of posters urging you to open a book to “explore new worlds.” With her latest publication, “This Book is a Planetarium,” paper artist Kelli Anderson has transformed that trite little saying into a colorful reality. In addition to offering a working model of the heavens, this book also includes several fun and functional demonstrations of key scientific laws, all produced by expertly folding, engineering and designing with paper. When I was shooting the video about her last pop-up masterpiece, ‘This Book is a...

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