The ever-expanding list of printing possibilities is becoming wildly popular due to the advent of the digital age in printing. Digital foil stamping, for example, is here to stay and there’s a wider variety of opportunities for this technique in the field than ever before.

Sleeking, is the process that bonds a special foil with any type of digital ink, creating innumerable possibilities for a finished product.

In the past, conventional foil stamping required far more steps than the digital replica entails. After the initial artwork was made, the first step indicated that a dye had to be made, which could take up to 1-5 days to produce. (It could also become expensive depending on the complexity of the dye.) Once the traditional foil stamping began with a hot stamp, the turnaround time for this outsourced process could be another 1-4 weeks.

Today, however, this long-winded process has turned into something new. The changing methods of sleeking now allow for special foils to be bonded to digital ink, offering a variability without the need for dyes. This can lead to cost reductions while also increasing the number of possibilities that can be achieved in variable data processing. After all, the numerous prints you can make using standard silver foil, combined with the endless creative opportunities using any number of hues with the four-color CMYK ink sets used, provides an entirely different world of printing concepts to the printer at the helm.

With variable data foiling at your disposal, anything print-worthy is possible.