Month: December 2017

Five Types of Karess Laminate

  Karess™ laminate films are multi-sensual, adding a tactile dimension to the visual allure of print. All LuxeFilms® Karess™ laminate films feel as soft as a rose petal and as luscious as silk, giving them an expensive and luxurious feel. Karess™ laminate films brilliantly protect, enhance, and increase value to print and packaging products. In this short video, Steve Truan explains five types of Karess™ laminates. For more details on Karess™ laminate films, follow the links below; Luxefilms® Ebony Karess™ – Printable Laminate Film Luxefilms® Karess™ – Overlaminate Film Luxefilms® Karess™ – Printable Overlaminate Film Luxefilms® Karess™ Ultragrip® –...

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A Greater Understanding of Polyester Laminate

Though there are a few different laminating materials that the printing industry commonly uses with clients, polyester generally tends to win over the competition. Also known as (PET), polyester is a thermoplastic film often used for two-sided laminating, making it the more versatile material in the printing industry. It’s the most stable of the base films, which also includes polypropylene and nylon. This laminate film has the most durable surface, offering a higher rigidity with the most build. Essentially, it’s the least breakable film with which to create reliable, laminated finishes. It can run in size anywhere from 1.2,...

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