Month: January 2017

Thoughts on Sustainable Packaging

Many consumers look for sustainable packaging that uses recycled and or recyclable materials, because if a business cares enough about the environment, it demonstrates that they probably are more passionate about their product and their people. “It demonstrates they probably are more passionate about their product and their people.” Universal Biopack, a manufacturer in Thailand, has made their packaging out of native natural materials – bamboo and cassava. Both are widely grown crops across Thailand and Universal Biopack have helped the environment in a cost-effective way by utilizing the ‘throw-away‘ aspect of these crops in their packaging. The company,...

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Why Digital for Package Printing? – The Top 5 Reasons

Digital printing technology is still often overlooked when it comes to things such as packaging and labels. As this technology improves, forward-thinking designers and marketers understand the unique benefits that digital technology offers and how it can help to set their brands apart and increase sales. Listed here are the top five reasons to use digital printing for your next packaging project: The ability to print short-run quickly, with little waste The on-demand aspect is appealing for JIT delivery, and the ability to change an approach on the fly Using variable data allows better tracking and personal appeal Appealing...

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Consumers Say: Make Packaging Eco-Friendly

Want a new way to market your products to happy customers? Put your products in eco-friendly containers, say consumers. Over 64% of customers recently surveyed stated that packaging should be made of environmentally-friendly materials, with more than 55% arguing that packaging should contain as little plastic as necessary. These days, consumers are aware that cartons can be created through renewable resources, and that they can be recovered more effectively than other materials overall. In further studies, consumers were asked to consider different types of packaging for a product, making their decisions based on creativity, environmental protection capability, the information...

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The Reach of Print Media is On the Move

It may surprise some to learn that print media isn’t actually dead, it’s simply moving in different countries across the globe. In fact, the English-language paper that sees the largest circulation is the Times of India, beating out printed media across the US and UK regions by far. Not only is the traditional newspaper subscription sustaining its daily readership, but the medium is actually growing in the area. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) conducted a study that indicated a growth spike of up to two-thirds in the Indian newspaper industry, leaving some to be...

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