I have been specing scuff proof laminates (also referred to as anti-scuff) a lot these days as it simply does just what is says, and it does it remarkably well – it keeps those nasty scuffs and scratches far away and at bay.

Scuff proof laminate is typically a matt finish, so it also keeps things looking clean and fresh by preventing those unsightly fingerprints that are so common on a glossier finish. This durable finish is ideal for brochures, folders, and any printed products you want to keep looking spiffy and clean. It is an ideal choice for products that will be handled repeatedly such as a menu.

Scuff proof lamination also works particularly well over darker printed pieces because dark printed pieces always show up the scratches and nicks much more than lighter colors.

To sum it up, using this popular material on your next print run will give your print piece a longer lifespan ensuring it stays crisp, clear and visually appealing, safe from scuffs, scratches, and fingerprints.