A closer look at our special print finishing solution

Holographic film is a very thin, flexible film made of plastic [Polyester (PET), Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) and Nylon (Bonyl)] which has been micro-embossed with patterns or even images. Patterns (such as checker plate or diamonds) or an image (such as a tiger) are created by way of an embossing process which can provide a remarkable 3-D effect and/or spectral (rainbow) coloring. The embossing process is akin to cutting tiny grooves into the lamination film’s surface at various angles and in different shapes. These micro-embossed grooves cause the “diffraction” of normal white light into stunning spectral color. This phenomenon is not unlike the diffraction of white light into spectral colors through a crystal prism.

You will see different images and the colors depending upon the position and angle from which you are looking at the film. The image and spectral coloring will change as you view the grooves at different positions and from different angles. Many holographic films are metallized with Aluminum. Not only does this protect the embossed surface and reflect light through it, it also provides a more colorful, crisp and bright image.

Holographic films can also be laminated to different types of materials. This combination is often used for brand-enhancing packaging applications. Holographic films can also be laminated to sealable films to make form, fill and seal roll stock packaging or premade flexible bags. It can be laminated to paper or card stock to make consumer packaging and specialty gift boxes and bags. Holographic nylon films can be extrusion coated with sealable polyethylene (PE) for manufacturing into metallic balloons. Holographic polyester films (PET) can also be coated with special adhesives to make holographic hot stamping foils for decorative application to paper or card stock.

This flexible film can even be “pressure sensitized” to make stickers or label material. This is done by applying a pressure sensitive adhesive and a release liner to the metallized surface of the film. Labels or stickers can then be created by die or machine cutting the film into the desired shape, removing the excess film and then discarding the release liner to expose the adhesive surface of the finished sticker or label.

Holographic polyester films can also be chopped into glitter or powder and then applied to textile products or mixed into other materials to provide a highly unique holographic effect.

You will see this beautiful flexible packaging film everywhere in day-to-day life – most commonly on eye-catching packaging such as toothpaste and beverage boxes.