Month: December 2017

Paper Inspiration – Latitude Postcard

Sometimes you come across a piece that simply makes you smile. Is that a big thing, you ask. These days? I’d say so, wouldn’t you? And this postcard crafted by brand design firm Latitude, does the trick very nicely with a warm, pleasing color on luxurious-feeling Neenah Royal Sundance Felt. Developed to celebrate Latitude’s work with World Bicycle Relief – a charity that seeks to bring people in the developing world a fast and inexpensive means of reliable transportation – the postcard offers a masterclass in subtle design cues. The child stands for the 35 children that Latitude’s partnership...

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Five Types of Karess Laminate

  Karess™ laminate films are multi-sensual, adding a tactile dimension to the visual allure of print. All LuxeFilms® Karess™ laminate films feel as soft as a rose petal and as luscious as silk, giving them an expensive and luxurious feel. Karess™ laminate films brilliantly protect, enhance, and increase value to print and packaging products. In this short video, Steve Truan explains five types of Karess™ laminates. For more details on Karess™ laminate films, follow the links below; Luxefilms® Ebony Karess™ – Printable Laminate Film Luxefilms® Karess™ – Overlaminate Film Luxefilms® Karess™ – Printable Overlaminate Film Luxefilms® Karess™ Ultragrip® –...

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