Month: April 2018

Paper Inspiration – This Book is a Planetarium

If you spent any time in American libraries growing up you probably remember a wide variety of posters urging you to open a book to “explore new worlds.” With her latest publication, “This Book is a Planetarium,” paper artist Kelli Anderson has transformed that trite little saying into a colorful reality. In addition to offering a working model of the heavens, this book also includes several fun and functional demonstrations of key scientific laws, all produced by expertly folding, engineering and designing with paper. When I was shooting the video about her last pop-up masterpiece, ‘This Book is a...

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Social Media and Packaging – How they Intertwine

Social media has had a larger impact on packaging than we may realize. Social media is an easy way for consumers to share a product visually, often including its packaging. “Forty percent of consumers would share a photo of a product on social media if the packaging is interesting.” Seventy-four percent of people today rely on social media to help them make a buying decision, and forty percent of consumers share a photo of a product on social media if the packaging is interesting. Therefore, the need for packaging to attract by color, logo, typography, sustainability, and innovation is...

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The World of LuxeFilms- Layering Laminates

Layer laminates for a very special effect. Layering is the combination of a LuxeFilms printable film with a LuxeFilms transparent overlaminate film, allowing a wide array of unique finishes and pleasing designs. Utilized to create dynamic “never seen before” experiences on folding cartons, printed media, and rigid set-up boxes. Layering holds almost unlimited possibilities for the savvy packaging designer, allowing the combination of metalized, holographic, tactile, and print surfaces. Layering LuxeFilms Laminate Films is quickly gaining credibility as a new tool to capture today’s elusive consumer...

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