These days, options for print labeling are expanding, producing a variety of creative touches to make your labels outshine others on the market. Laminating applications like soft-touch, scuff-proof, linen, holographic, and more are all available to put your finest labels on display. Read on to discover some of the latest laminating techniques and applications to hit the industry.

SoftTouch: The term “soft touch” refers to a finishing method that incorporates a velvety-soft feel to print materials. While many design elements in the industry pertain to ideas that appeal to one’s sight, the addition of a soft touch finish allows a print to share a distinctive quality through touch that regular print labels don’t offer. This style works best luxury brands and creates an aura of quality with an attractive tactile look and feel.

ScuffProof: This useful technique can prevent more abrasions, scuffs, and other damage to your label work during travel than basic print label materials. They use a top coating for stronger support, and can even be stamped or spot UV coated after an application.

Linen: A style technique best used for cards, game boxes and professional artwork, the linen method adds dimension by pushing sheets through a textured metal roller. This roller uses heavy pressure to imprint the linen marks onto the label

Holographic: A suitable laminate for adding visual appeal to get attention and highlight the elements of the artwork on the label.

While many ideas come and go in the printing industry, these techniques are creating worthwhile applications for labeling that are sure to stick around.