Month: June 2018

Is Packaging Dead In The Amazon Age?

Many industry stalwarts and consumers alike have queried if packaging is dying because of the shift from retail stores to e-commerce. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth, and packaging is becoming even more critical for brandowners that want to have impact in the new world of B2C. In researching this, three key realities emerge for brands. First, consumer experience is nearly all visual until the product is received, making the first impression of a package and product much more critical than at a crowded shelf. Most decisions on “what” product to buy are made off of reviews,...

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Paper Inspiration – Texas State Health Brochure

Texas State Health Information Technology Program got the chemistry just right on this hexagonal brochure! So how does this concept take shape? The designer says a little research revealed that when the hexagon is paired with icons and other elements it connotes technology. The engineering behind each arm is a testament to proper planning. Each panel is a bit smaller than the one above it in the folding...

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Engaging The Senses!

Why specialty finishing makes so much sense… 1. 83% of all print & packaging today engages only one sense 2. Brand impact increases by 30% if a second sense is engaged 3. That impact increases by 70% if a third sense is engaged 4. More than half of the brain is devoted to sensory experience, and much of that sensory experience focuses on touch (tactile) experience. 5. The internet is full of the unboxing experience, of an Apple iPhone, An Expensive Watch and so much more… Such is the power of print and...

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