Finishing and Embellishments

Eye-catching, multi-sensory print finishing can include foil, embossing, spot treatment, glitter, laminates, soft-touch finishes, and textures. The use of finishes can revitalize the creative touch since so many genuinely new and evocative ideas can now be done in finishing. It opens a whole aura of possibilities, focusing on various opportunities through printable films, laying down laminate on stock, the text weight, cover, board, etc.

Specialty Envelopes

Strange shapes, colors or even materials make this stand out in the mail world. A brand’s color is often the first thing that catches a customer’s eye. Putting more emphasis on the colors you select has the power to deliver a far greater return.

Personalized Flat Foil

This is done in a process called “Sleeking”. Perfect for greeting cards, invitations and now postcards! Sleeking can be used in a classic silver or gold foil way to bring type or patterns to life; a metalized background, to enhance your images; or a dramatic holographic impression to create print projects that will impress the pickiest clients.

Personalized Raised Foil

Nothing livens up a print creation quite like the dazzling shimmer of foil. Yet few designers or even printers and end-users realize all of the options available and when it is best to use which one. This specialty coating creates an embossing effect without compromising the stock and is valued in the industry for its vogue factor.

Metalized and Colored Core Business Cards

This is requested more and more to make the ink “gleam” transparently and can be accomplished with transparent inks on metalized board. Colored core business cards stand out from the stack with your chosen color in between the front and back of your card creating a triple stack look.

Tear Resistant Cartons

With the huge upsurge of legalized cannabis production, tear-resistant cartons are going crazy for keeping little ones safe.

Laminated Direct Mail

Believe it or not, this is a big deal due to consumers paying more attention to very robust postcards. Durable plastic card withstands the wear and tear of postal equipment.


More and more photos get printed every year! Digital print finishing is changing rapidly, and its impact is felt far and wide throughout the print industry.

Premium Folding Cartons

The premiumization of folding cartons grows every year, impacted by the Consumer Electronics and Personal Care market. As the consumer lifestyle has upgraded cross the globe, the demand for premium products has increased. Premium packaging is an indication of high-quality products inside the folding carton. Premium folding cartons have a metallic look along with innovative designs and patterns that draw the attention of consumers.

Interactive and Complex Direct Mail

Receiving something in the mail is sure to get people’s attention. Your central marketing message should be the first thing a recipient sees when they receive your direct mail piece.