Although many companies like to think their products jump out at you when they are on display, that isn’t always exactly the case. Often, consumers are intrigued by the appearance of a package, pick up an item, and if it appears to be as good as it looks, will bring out their credit cards.

The importance of a tangible experience isn’t just a theory, science has shown over the last two decades that our behavior is significantly influenced by all of our senses. Approximately 56% of customers visit stores to see and touch products before buying them online, according to a Retail Dive survey from 2017.

But what is the secret to creating packaging that is pleasing enough to touch and also provides an unusually good tactile experience? Incidentally, there isn’t just one secret, there are five! LuxeFilms line of alluring tactile films, offered by Nobelus.

Secret 1: Karess

No matter how beautifully printed your design is, nothing adds that essential tactile quality to packaging like a sensual overlaminate film, of which Karess is legendary. Lamination not only makes your colors pop with vivid clarity, but it is also very soft and delicate to touch, creating a rich and silky luscious effect. Factor in scuff-resistance and durability and you have a no-fail tool for making any product look more valuable and luxurious. (Ebony Karess provides a pigmented matte surface for extra intrigue, the consistency can’t be matched by black ink alone.)

Secret 2: ScuffProof

If you are creating items that are used heavily, you will want to use ScuffProof – the highest scruff-proof protection offered by Nobelus. Rated at 6-7 gloss points, it’s almost a Satin. It handles spot UV, glues and foil stamping with ease!

Secret 3: UltraMatte

UltraMatte is the best of both worlds: nearly as scuff-resistant as ScuffProof, but with a 1.5-2 gloss point dullness that is similar to Karess’ own – it’s a dead flat matte. UltraMatte also provides a much greater contrast than ScuffProof.

Secret 4: FineLinen

FineLinen overlaminate has a unique embossed pattern that gives the feel of high- European linen, adding a beautiful, rich dimension that you can both see and feel. Its scuff-resistant matte can be glued or stamped and easily accepts spot UV.

Secret 5: FineLeather

Few surfaces are as pleasing to touch and handle as fine-grained leather. The FineLeather overlaminate does an excellent job of replicating that look and feel. FineLeather also comes with a scuff -resistant matte that accepts spot UV and can be easily glued or stamped.

All five laminates add an appealing touch to your design work that is perfect for (but not limited to):

Soft and hardbound book covers

High-use pocket folders

Business cards and presentation pieces

Cosmetic and jewelry packaging

Electronics packaging

Three-ring binders

Liquor and luxury product packaging

Any package with high consumer interaction

Rigid boxes